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NVA-460 Wi-Fi Video & Alarm Security Kit - Micro Monitoring System with 2 x 720p Day/Night Cameras, 7 x Alarm Sensors & Siren & Smartphone Connectivity
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3 Item(s)

VEry good product. 3 hour setup
had to buy this because of my neighbor being extremely annoying and racist. only kit I could find that had wireless audio. I read reviews on here about the wifi being a problem. placing the cameras on the garage I placed the network device on my family room TV. multiple walls, brick and drywall. I only got about 1-2 bars for being at least 50 ft away with interference. I would have been happy with that, but I made a space in the garage for a tv and the bars a full, but I don't have any interference and the distance is maybe 12 ft. don't let the wifi be a bother. I could easily put it back it the first room and be happy with 1-2 bars.
Reviewed by pumpkin on 14/05/2016
Good kit, easy basic setup, but poor detailed detailed documentation
This is a comprehensive kit. The cameras and base station are easy to set up and get working quickly. Think about where you mount the cameras outside though, through-the-wall installation needs a HUGE hole to accommodate the Ethernet cable connection cable, which is stupid given this is primary sold as a wireless set up!!!. Also the reset button is on the end of the cable too, so its beyond me how to reset the camera unless you unscrew it from the wall and pull out the wire and three pigtails to expose the reset button. To make it tamper proof the wires should not be exposed - whoever thought this one up has limited exposure to the practical world outside the lab! Of course as you would expect from Swann, the picture quality both night and day are top quality. The set-up to use a mobile device (my case an and iphone5s ) to view streaming is very simple and works well. To view recorded material either remotely on the iphone or via the app for a OSX for Mac, does not seem to work. Given that's the point of a CCTV system I find it odd that the simplicity with which you can view live streaming is not mirrored by the ability to view captured video via the iphone or the MacOSX app. I will follow the instructions next to use a TV screen with HDMI connection so see if all the screens which are in the 4 leaflets actually exist because they certainly are not on the iphone or Mac!

There is no single user documentation that takes you through the correct sequence to set everything in this comprehensive kit of parts. There are four leaflets, but they seem very general and not specific to the base station device purchased. Which one to read and follow first? It seems that Swann struggle to provide anything but very simple leaflets resulting in haphazard instructions to get you going quickly, which happens more by good luck than judgement. There is scant detailed information for the more expert user, either in the box or on their poorly laid out and difficult to navigate website. Search does not find specific model numbers, so you trawl through dozens of pictures unlit you find a similar model to that purchased in the Maplins store. It unclear from the website, even when you register what is the model number and serial number. Even this is missing from the external packaging in bold letters, rather it is hidden at the base of the box beneath the bar-code. There appear to be several branches off the main site page which you cannot direct navigate to from the home page, rather relying upon a URL printed in the leaflet, to get to the downloadable software for the Mac. Packaging is very good, so everything was in prictine order when opened, but the documentation for advanced users is weak.
Swann need to take a good look at something like the Apple website, for navigation, search and user documentation.
Reviewed by NellyCocker on 6/03/2016
A comprehensive product
I like the product for what it gives in the kit. I only problem I had was trying to work the sequence of setting up the system and doing the configuration. It took some time to try and follow the instructions, but my son and I did manage to have it working after about five hours of installing all the components.
The cameras have a clear picture and even at night give you a good resolution.
Two more cameras would be great.
It is in sync with my Android phone and can record as well with very clear playback. I work 5 kms from home and can view home activity quite readily.
This is the first system I have used and am quite impressed with the results.
It was installed three days and still have work out how to download surveillance footage to a thumb-drive.
Reviewed by petero108 on 9/01/2016

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