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PRO-A852 - Day & Night HD Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera with 10X Optical Zoom
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3 Item(s)

Great camera
Highly recommend this camera. The quality is excellent and after a while with the setting works fine.
Reviewed by darren on 21/11/2016
Excellent Image and Performance, challenging instructions
Another excellent camera from Swann. The zoom is incredibly effective day or night, and the camera auto-focuses as you change view. Focus is manually adjustable to change the depth of field ensuring you can select and see specifically what you need to.
Installation is as easy as the other cameras, a heftier, thicker BNC type cable is included. This camera requires a dedicated power supply so you will need an available socket at the source.
Wall mounting was straight-forward, so I didn't need to change the arm for the supplied ceiling version. I can recommend a 20mm hole as this is a 3-channel cable so needs wider hole than normal camera BNC cable. Marking the holes for the bracket on the wall is difficult without removing the entire camera as it blocks the holes, and it lacks depth/length of the supporting arm away from the wall. Swann suggest you buy some extension bracket 'from all good hardware/diy stores' but I have not seen anything remotely compatible and would welcome suggestions.
Once installed, camera control is very straight-forward to pan, tilt and zoom, easily from the host console or from your smart-phone which is very clever and effective. It is a little tricky as it moves so fast, this speed of movement can be changed but only at the console-end not via the smartphone app.
Where this does fall-down, as with other Swann products, is the instructions. Supplied instructions are very basic. Downloading more advanced instructions (cryptically labelled as 'On Screen Display') is easy, but even then there is only a basic description for every feature. What would help here is a suggestion - for example how to record a routine and save this so the camera follows pre-set points of interest. The functionality is built-in, but it's difficult to learn how to program it properly. I think more searching and research is required for me to understand and program this confidently.
In summary this is a high-quality and feature-rich camera with an effective zoom and day/night vision. An excellent complement to a bundled system, more help required on proper configuration.
Reviewed by robert997 on 1/05/2016
Fantastic Camera
Highly recommend this camera. The quality is great and the setup is very easy.

Only issue I have is saving the adjusted speed of the pan/tilt of the camera. It can be slowed down using the DVR directly but the changes are not saved, so when using the phone app, it is too fast. Awaiting a response from technical dept!
Reviewed by SKHAN on 26/03/2016

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