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ADS-466 Indoor & Outdoor Wi-Fi Security Camera with Smart Alerts
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Allround the best home security apart from having big dogs!
Setting up is made easy but can be tricky to get it to scan the bar code of the mobile, however it works and once setup it works great. I find the camera tamper sensing a but oversensitive, i.e. a moth hitting it at night triggers the event. I am unsure why it needs to have extra alarm and network cable connector when clearly wifi is the whole point of this product.
Would be nice if Swann would offer a solar powered charger / battery as power supply accessory so that one would have to install the long 12V cable to the next power outlet, considering that "smart" criminals may cut your power supply first to bring down your system. If each camera was having it's own battery powered and solar charged power would be even MORE cool. For now I'll have to puzzle that together myself.
Also the lens could be a little more wider angled to cover more area if this is intended for residential use.
But apart from this minor improvement suggestions an all in all great product, great video quality. The app on the iphone is easy to use even for people without affinity for technology. i.e. my partner loves watching what our dogs do during the day and logs in regularly to check on them. She has not filed a single complaint over this yet but constantly made positive remarks how this enables her to see everything around the house. We like it a lot!
Ah, one more thing...seems to be either such a popular or unpopular product in AU...there are too few places to buy this model and the prices seem to vary from 125-250AUD...maybe it could be flattened to round 100AUD retail and sold in bundles of 3-5 pieces with discounts the larger the SET...I believe most people would need 3-4 cams at least to cover their entire property. And DVR type systems do rely on the power supply of the house which as I mentioned earlier the burglar can easily cut off...independent from power supply decentralized and video in the cloud...they can't take the drive! Swanncloud is the perfect solution preventing the burglar to take the recording! I go on vacation and have total security of knowning what's going on!
Reviewed by big brother on 8/11/2016

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