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ADS-446 SwannCloud HD Pan and Tilt Wi-Fi Security Camera with Smart Alerts
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720p Wi-Fi and Local Network IP Camera / 16ft (5m) Night Vision / 1 -Way Audio with Built-in Microphone / View and Control Pan & Tilt on Smartphone / Saves video in HD to a secure cloud server when triggered. Smart HD remote viewing surveillance system in a powerful pan & tilt IP camera


For More information on the plan changes effective from Feb 1, 2015 please click here

  • ‘Plug & play’ wi-fi internet camera packed with features for home & business security Connect to the internet & Smartphone in minutes with SwannLink ‘ Peer-to-Peer’ technology
  • Sends you alerts when activity is detected including facial detection, camera tampering & intrusion
  • Saves video in HD to a secure cloud server when triggered
  • Remotely Pan up to 350 degrees horizontally & Tilt up to 100 degrees vertically over the Internet or on your Smartphone or tablet
  • Built for life on the move with the free SwannCloud app for viewing on PC, Mac, tablets Smartphones including iPhone, iPad & Android devices*
  • Perfect for day/night surveillance with the ability to see & hear what’s happening 24/7
  • Share videos through your social network at any time with ease

*Requires broadband internet & 3G/4G Smartphone.



Video Resolution
720p 1280 x 720
Frame Rate
Up to 30 fps (real-time)
Night Vision
Up to 16ft/5m
1-way audio
0.73lbs / 329g
Operating System
Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista/7/8 Mac® OS 10.7 & later


What's Included


  • SwannCloud HD Pan & Tilt Camera
  • WiFi Antenna
  • Network Cable
  • Ceiling / Wall Mounting Bracket
  • Mounting Screws & Plugs
  • Power Adapter
  • Software CD
  • Operating Instructions

*Note: Product contents may change without notice.


Customer Reviews 27 item(s)

So good i got a 2nd one
more than happy with the item which I purchased from Swann as a reconditioned one, so good in fact I got a 2nd one. Would like to see Swann Cloud implement some more options as they advertise and also in the subscription area a yearly purchase with a practical discount applied would be great.
Reviewed by Graham, AU on 11/07/2017
Camera very good so is the alarm which come with the camera the new app is a problem with my Samsung phone S3 mini they are working on problem is the
Ron Nippert
Reviewed by ron, US on 4/02/2017
Good camera, could be a lil better
Let us start with the good stuff. Camera works, night-vision rules, and audio fairly decent. Bad: You can NOT control the PTZ from the computer-app. And on some smartphones, the camera audio echoes. Besides that, great cam and a decent price!
Reviewed by CatsRuleCatMan, US on 10/12/2016
Good product once working - fiddly to initially set up
I have two of these in a home and they work great and as described. The only drawback is the initial setup is difficult as the QR from the Swann server, needed to set the camera up on you home network, most often does not arrive - especially on iPhone. I switched to my iPad as a last resort and it came in straight away. Once the cameras are working they seem to stay working and have only once dropped off the wifi. They also seem to like lower settings and framerate so as to not use all bandwidth which causes artifacts and pixels on the image otherwise. However, I do recommend them in the end analysis.
Reviewed by AverageJoe on 12/06/2016
Overall the hardware is excellent value but I would like see web access and possibly software for client computer similar to SwannViewPlus.
I got bought the camera for $99 and hence its good value for money. I was hoping to access the cameras settings on the web interface but was not able to get access
despite following the instructions by some other contributers below. Some tips to simpliy your installation:-
- Before you start your installation, ensure your router SSID and Password have no special characters and are between 8 and 16 characters long
- Make sure you use the router's primary wireless SSID and password for the setup
- I would suggest using your computer to access the software on your Swann-Cloud account (at the location where you would like to install the camera
- If you move the camera, power trips, you change your routers SSID or Password or you want to change the configuration from one of the three settings
(wireless, wired, both), you will need to delete your previous installation by going to the camera icon on your Swann-Cloud account and delete the camera.
- If you are using your mobile phone to configure the camera, make sure you load the correct app (as shown on the instructions) as there are quite a few unrelated apps
- If you experience problems with the step following the camera's acceptance of the QR code (most common issue)
- Additional information can be found at
- Follow the schematic below
Reviewed by PeepnTom on 11/06/2016
Do not upgrade to Firmware 2.1.11
As mentioned below, it changes the password, and you can no longer log in directly.

Hopefully I can find a solution and will post it here, but really you should not be prompted into doing firmware updates without release notes being provided etc. Poor job on Swanns part.
Reviewed by Ravi on 9/06/2016
Puppy Cam
I have this camera to check on my dogs at home during the day. I usually bring the website version on my computer and check it a few times a day. The only thing is that it is not a live stream, just a photo that updates every couple of minutes. Setting up the camera is a disaster. If you take the camera out of the Wifi range, you have to set it up again. The only way to set the camera up is to have it scan this barcode on your phone/computer. I've had to do it many of times, you would think I would be a pro by now. No, the camera still is finicky each and every time. It will beep a few times once it registers but good luck with that. The app is nice, and typically streams the live video very well. The pan feature is also great, and works awesome. There are some glitches with the video quality sometimes, but it's not too bad. I have yet to figure out how to set up the 'events' to alert me when sometime moves on the camera. Overall, it works, but if in the market again, I'm not sure I would chose this particular camera.
Reviewed by heather09 on 29/05/2016
Outstanding product and excellent price point
This camera works really well it can be configured in two different ways.

1) Though the proprietary software 'Swanncloud', this is for novice users.

2) Directly to the camera by using the inbuilt web interface accessed through your web browser.

Option 1 involves downloading Swanncloud onto your device then showing a barcode generated by the software to the camera lens by holding your device in front of the camera and thats it!

When using this software on a mobile device the performance is entirely dependent on the quality of the connection, which can varey greatly. When this software has a reliable fast broadband connection for the camera and the viewing device, it performs well.

Option 2 involves logging into the cameras web interface to configure the camera, then forwarding ports on your router out to the Internet. After you have done that you will need to download software onto your device to view and control your camera. This approach is for expert users only and requires decent IT skills and expert knowledge of networking and port forwarding. Don't forget to change the default password on the camera.

You really need to know what your doing to use option 2 so don't blame the camera if you run out of talent, just find someone to help you who actually knows what they are doing or use it as an opportunity to learn new networking skills.

I can't comment on the swann help desk as I haven't used it.
Reviewed by Camera101 on 11/05/2016
Firmware 2.1.11 Upgrade
After upgrading if you want to log in to your camera from a browser, use admin with password as MAC address shown on bottom of the device (just the numbers & letters) using a wired connection. I was then able to access & change password to one of my choice & and use wireless to access via browser.
Reviewed by St1cksz on 28/04/2016
Does the Job, Viewable on a PC no issues
Camera works well, does the job
have setup via wireless connection and can view on my pc not a problem, camera has triggers which upload to my ftp server
Cloud based recording seems to work, and it works on the go as advertised

for those who want to view on PC, you need Windows PC and a Internet Explorer browser http://cameraip:85 login with admin andn12345 you will have a live view and can access all features as required, setup triggers etc, it can be viewed live with sound on a PC not a problem, probably not intended for that purpose but it works with a full webGUI and you can access the camera

Day time vision is excellent with little to no loss of resolution
night time resolution is good but not as good as the daylight
still would be fine for police usage

Got 2 cameras for $114 each, not bad considering it ticks the
HD Box 720p (perfect)
Pan and Tilt (Good for price point)
Good quality images in the day (very clear)
Good night images (clear enough to see a criminal)
Features worked as expected for me
Easy to mount, have setup 1 of these outdoors under covered area running a POE convertor for the power to the device (not waterproof but the device is setup in a way that the elements should not worry it)

The secret is you need to have fundamental networking knowledge before touching these cameras, get them off DHCP and onto a static IP, configure the WebGUI and the settings stick fine

I would certainly recommend this product to someone who wants cheap security with a host of features at that price point
Reviewed by shawn4209 on 10/04/2016
I want this camera and software package to be good
In summary I think the camera hardware is good but the software to use it is not where it should be. Issues I've seen:

1. Events are missed because they are not recorded to the cloud
2. The camera jumps to a different timezone
3. You can't delete more than 16 events at a time
4. Sometimes hard to connect it to the network with the QR code scan
5. Documentation is poor
6. A 15 second only recording window should be made user variable
7. The camera beeps at times for what appears to be no reason so it could wake you up

But I find the image quality very good and I was amazed by the night/IR mode - very clear.

Some top tips:

1. When you know the camera's IP address (lets say its to access its internal webserver go to and login as admin 12345. Lots of features to access but not for beginners

2. You can view your camera on the internet with a browser by signing up at

3. The android app works fine

I think with a bit of work on the software this camera could be excellent. For now its just ok. Come on Swann developers !
Reviewed by TIMUK on 10/04/2016
When it works, it's great
I hate the token/QR recognition process as it invariably does not work or randomly works several moments after you've given up the will to live. It is nothing short of a ball ache. However, that said I get a pretty good picture whether I'm on WiFi or not. Sometimes I do have to log in and log out several times to get a clear image but the point is I get one eventually. With hindsight-I would not buy this product again... but then it was pretty cheap.
Reviewed by Steve67 on 31/03/2016
Good picture, software is a joke
This is great for live viewing but it's mind boggling how limited the software is. When you're watching live, there is no option to record? You can only take a 'snap shot'. Only way to record video is if an event (motion# is triggered, then it only records 15 seconds. It has a micro SD slot that is not usable? Really?. I strongly advise you log into the camera from a PC via IP address, because the default password is #seriously) 12345. Change the password or you will get hacked. Pan and tilt controls need work unless you're logged in on the PC via IP address. No option to pan and tilt at all from the PC cloud. Pretty good camera to check in on your house, but not ready for prime time security.
Reviewed by JHendrix on 13/01/2016
Works fine on Cable modem and wifi
Set up was easy, took a min to figure how far to hold camera from screen to do the QT thing. barcode like. offline once due to cable error. one is hard wired to router, one is wifi. both do ok. not great for distance. would like to use phone to setup but hard to do. pc is a breeze, need a home and away button fot fast set up when leaving. bought 2 more.
Reviewed by daveairplane on 5/12/2015
Works as described on the box
Bought this camera on the understanding that I could return it within one month having had failures with other brands. Followed instructions and setup was complete in a very short time. Product does everything reliably as described. Would like more information about advanced features.
Have used it to monitor my property in England from Spain on my iphone, ipad or laptop without any difficulty.
Reviewed by Beginner on 25/09/2015
Setting up the camera
I had a terrible time setting up this camera with my LG L40
which has a smallish screen. The camera stalled and the
programme even suggested turning the lens to re-focus,
which can't be done. After buying an HDMI lead to view the
result I bought a magnifing glass and hey presto, instant two
beeps. Then I discovered the app blanks out the tilt button
on the LG's small screen. On my PC, running Win 8.1, I
cannot access the web address to download the software
as both my browsers return with an assortments of faults.
Reviewed by Den12 on 11/06/2015
I like it so far
The software and documentation leaves a lot to be desired.

I had issues creating an account on the SwannCloud app but finally got it done after multiple tries. I am guessing that many people will give up at that juncture and return the product, but my persistence paid off.

Once installed and working, it took me a while to figure out that I needed to stop the notifications unless I wanted an iPhone alert every time I walk by the camera! LOL. Once working the camera seemed to be fine.

The documentation is abysmal. For example - There is a micro SD slot available and no directions on how to use it anywhere. Simply a disclaimer that the Micro-SD is for advanced users. Nonsense!

Please provide directions for usage so that people get what they pay for. Other configurations features are briefly described but no reference given for further information on how configuration options available on the camera affect the product. I had to separately research the PIR to determine how it works. Why not provide this information with the product?

Other than those issues, the camera works great within my U VERSE broadband network.
Reviewed by Chuck on 18/04/2015
Feature packed with great picture quality
This camera is simple to setup if you want to use SwannCloud to manage your device & events. To get to the juicy settings you need to have a good working knowledge of IP networks and some spare time. The documentation from Swann is pitiful. Contrary to previous posts the video stream can be viewed on a PC using Internet Explorer (forget Chrome & Safari) or the SwannView Plus application (PC & MAC) available from Swann. Picture quality is superb and is rich in features e.g. Pan & Tilt, microSD card, HDMI port, DI & DO alarms. Fantastic value for money.

Tips to ease the pain;
1) Point your Internet Explorer at the camera IP address on your network appended with port number 85
2) Log in to the camera with the following
Username - admin
Password - 12345
Reviewed by JohnM on 9/04/2015
Facil de usar y muy practica para operar
La compres en Wallmart USA, la instale en Guayaquil Ecuador y funciona excelente. Me permite tener el control de la oficina en la palma de la mano cada vez que salgo
Reviewed by ferayag on 14/03/2015
Swann cloud camera excellent value
I bought four of these cameras a few weeks age, so I could keep an eye on the house while I was out. I found them very easy to set up, five minuets if that for each camera, only had one issue with the app, when adding another camera an error
Occurred but that was soon sorted by logging out from the app and then logging back on, all cameras now working on the app
Great bit of kit for the money, with sound and live view.
Sanp shot, motion detection and loads of other features.
Reviewed by Trooper on 21/02/2015
Excellent product. Straightforward and easy to set up. Minor queries about app for iMac and iPad sorted by brilliant professional online tech support.
VERY satisfied customer.
(and no I don't own shares in the company!)
Reviewed by Morn on 31/01/2015
Ugly duckling but does the job well via iPhone
It's a bit ugly and cheap looking but it does the job very well via my iPhone and image quality of the video during the day and in a lit up room is great, night vision is ok. The unit moves very quietly too when panning and tilting. Good ability to change options for the camera via the app too. Noise is very average, quite tinny, echoing and a little distorted

Set up via the iPhone app was really easy although access to instructions could be better - the pdf manual came on a mini cd and my Mac does not read those discs so I had to take it to a friends PC to open the cd. Would have been a good idea to have a printed manual included. Also had I known all the disc had on it was this pdf I would have downloaded it from the website, so some labelling or a note with the disc would have been useful.

Would be good to have some explanations of the settings options that are accessible in the app, as I have no idea what some of them are - most I can get an idea of but could use them better if I understood them a bit more, and some I have no idea - what is PIR for instance?

I dread to think about setting this up on the Mac or a PC as there are no instructions at all how to do this although it says it can be done on the box and I believe tech support are happy to help you set up over the phone

It also lets you put in a micro SD card for storing images and video, but no instructions on how to set it up to do this except to say it's for 'Advanced users' ?!

Note that the photos of this unit on the box and on the website are misleading - I expected a nice quality silvery grey unit as shown on the box but was unpleasantly surprised to find it is bright garish white and cheapish looking all round like the quality had been dropped since the original photo. Had I known I might have gotten the ADS-445 which is a darker and sleeker looking unit as this is a bit of an eyesore.

If it looked nicer in design and quality plus had better instructions I would have given it 4 stars
Reviewed by BigSister on 31/01/2015
Good but not perfect
I'm happy with the pictures from this camera BUT the pan and tilt functionality has been removed from web browsers - it only works from the app on my iPhone, which can be inconvenient. Customer Services says it has been 'removed' from the web browser and it 'may' be brought back but they can't say when.
Reviewed by Nortie on 24/01/2015
easy install
reliable so far and makes for a quick view on smart phone.
Reviewed by corvex on 3/01/2015
Great Product for Power Users, Poorly Documented
This is a great product for power users, but the more advanced features are poorly documented. Some Examples:

*Web Administration on HTTP port 85, and standard HTTPS.

*Supports RTSP viewing

*At least partial support for

* Telnet access for the raw embedded Linux OS

(Note: default username: Admin password: 12345, for all features)

Some downsides:

* As already mentioned, poor documentation of advanced features

* Web interface requires IE with an ActiveX plugin for full functionality (though it looks like the plugin just makes standard PSIA calls)

* I did not test any of the cloud tools as I do not wish to use them, but don't be mislead: You don't have to use them.
Reviewed by Dougvj on 3/01/2015
good value for money
We didn't want to spend a fortune on CCTV as we are only having problems with youths outside the front of the house. We thought it was worth spending
Reviewed by Alison65 on 3/01/2015
Does what is says
Really pleased with this camera. Clear picture even in dull lighting. Just disappointed that even though the Swann website says 'Built for life on the move with the free SwannCloud app for viewing on PC, Mac, tablets Smartphones including iPhone, iPad & Android devices' I can't find the app for PC anywhere.
Reviewed by frippet on 20/12/2014
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