NVR8-7300 8 Channel 3MP Network Video Recorder & 4 x NHD-815 3MP Cameras
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8 Channel 3MP Network Video Recorder with pre-installed 2TB HDD / 4 x 3MP Cameras / SwannLink ‘Peer to Peer’ easy network connection software / VGA & HDMI Output / Web and Smartphone remote viewing / Transfer to external storage via USB or network

Be protected & see every detail in HD
8 channel unit supports up to a maximum of 8 cameras
This kit includes 4 cameras
This product can record up to 3 Megapixels (2048 x 1536 pixels) Full HD resolution.
Record to the pre-installed 2TB Hard Drive
Camera can see up to 100ft / 30m in the dark
Camera has a field of view up to 80 degrees


  • Swann’s network video recording security system with beyond 1080p high definition live viewing & playback in real-time (30 fps per channel)
  • State-of-the-art digital imaging technology for 9 x the picture sharpness of traditional security systems including analog D1
  • Includes 4 x security cameras capable of generating super high definition 3 megapixels (50% more than 1080p) video with IR cut filters for powerful night vision to 100ft / 30m & a weather-resistant rating of IP66 for indoor & outdoor use. Add 4 more NVR cameras for full 8 channel monitoring
  • You can also hear what’s happening as each camera has a built-in microphone
  • Set & forget by recording continuously from 8 channels for 24 days+ onto a 2TB hard drive (expandable to 6TB^) or even longer with motion detection
  • Save time & have peace of mind by easily locating incident video, then transfer to external storage via USB or network
  • Security in the palm of your hand with live viewing on your Smartphone or tablet including iOS (iPhone, iPad) & Android devices using the free ‘SwannView Link’ app
  • View live in HD on your HDTV via HDMI or VGA connection to your LCD screen
  • Professional surveillance system gives you peace of mind by being able to see the detail you need from longer distances including license plates, faces, clothing colors & more, all in super HD

+24 days recording achieved using lower settings, default settings give 5 days recording


Video Input
8 Channels
Video Outputs
Display Resolution
Up to 1080p
Audio Input
8, via Ethernet Integrated with Cameras
Audio Output
1 x RCA
Compression Format
Recording Mode
Manual / Motion / Schedule
Recording Resolution
3MP (2048 x 1536 (4:3), 2304 x 1296 (16:9))
Playback Speed
Frame Rate up to Real-Time 30fps / 25fps
Hard Drive
HDD Capacity
Up to 6TB (Internal 1 x 3TB + External 1 x 3TB (via eSATA))
Network Connection
 SwannLink ‘Peer-to-Peer’
Network Interface
RJ45 x 1
USB Interface
USB 2.0 x 2
eSATA Port
x 1
Operating Power
DC 48 V
Dimensions (WxDxH)
10” x 9.0” x 2.0” / 255 x 230 x 51mm
Computer Operating System
Windows, Mac OS
Internet Viewing
SwannView Link
Handheld Device Supported
iOS, Android, 3G/4G Smartphones & Tablets

NHD-815 Camera
Video Quality
3MP (2048 x 1536 (4:3), 2304 x 1296 (16:9))
Backlight Compensation
Wide Dynamic Range
Viewing Angle
Audio Range
Up to 16ft/5m
Night Vision
Night Vision Distance
Up to 100ft / 30m
IR Cut Filter
Indoor / Outdoor
Indoor or Outdoor, IP66 rated
Operating Power
Operating Temperature
-4°F ~ 122°F / -20°C ~ 50°C
Body Construction
Dimensions incl. stand
2.6” x 7.4” x 2.6” / 66 x 188 x 66mm
Weight (incl. stand)
0.961lbs / 436g


What's Included



• NVR8-7300 8 Channel NVR
• 2TB Hard Drive (installed)
• NHD-815 3MP Cameras x 4
• Cat5e Ethernet Cable x 5 (60ft / 18m X 4, 3ft / 1m x 1)
• HDMI Cable
• Mouse
• Power Adapter
• Mounting Screws & Plugs
• Operating Instructions
• Theft Deterrent Stickers

*Note: Product contents may change without notice.


Customer Reviews 12 item(s)

Unbelievable system
System works excellently. would recomend to a friend.
Reviewed by david, US on 2/01/2017
Clear view good product
The system is fine with the exception of the one camera that went out after a few hours . The customer service for the camera is why it's a 4 star I'm still dealing with that . Swann could make it way easier especially when someone spends hundreds of dollars on these products. So far impressed with the product not the customer service or company policies. I've spent 3 to 4 hours on the phone waiting and talking to go through the motions of proving it was the camera only to be told I'll have to pay for the shipping of my faulty camera to swann and then when they get it then 7 to 10 days I could get the new one . Unless I wanted to give them my credit card info and trust them with that well understandable but then again frustrating to say the least .I'm thinking there are better ways to do things.
Reviewed by Jax47 on 16/07/2016
Good overall system, remote viewing and updates awful
Overall we are very please with our SWNVK-873004 system. Cameras perform very well at night. And the microphone...It picks up the crickets! In daylight we are getting crisp clear video. Couldn't be happier with the cameras!

Love the e-mail alerts with snapshot. Although, I had to search Swann site on how to setup with gmail, their preferred mail system. These instructions should be included on the setup sheet!

The reason for 3 stars...Remote viewing and system update process.

Remote viewing...Though most of this would be affected by YOUR internet connection. I have 10Mbps upload, 1 screen viewing, the application on phone or tablet will more often than not, drop to 0.00KB transmitting. Basically, I get more of a stop motion viewing than live stream.

System update...Why does a system update wipe ALL of your settings? I have to say, I was (still am) at the time of this posting, within my stores return policy. I almost returned the system! After spending up to 30 minutes setting the system up with passwords, e-mail alerts, recording schedule, motion schedule etc, only to be wiped with a system update, I was livid!

Other than those 2 issues, I would recommend this security system!
Reviewed by Rocketcuse on 16/07/2016
Why aren't there dome cameras?
I purchased this system because it was the best NVR and camera quality available. The free remote viewing app works well and is easy to set up (must use the Swannlink).

However, I purchased two dome cameras (821) to find out that they are not compatible. To date, they still haven't made a dome camera for this NVR. Very frustrating because I have the system installed but am past the 30 day return period. I would've bought the earlier model just to get the dome cameras.

I will upgrade to 5 stars across the board if a dome becomes available.
Reviewed by Charlie31 on 12/06/2016
Great System with a few bugs
I found this to be an overall great product. As others have said, the DIY installation is a bit of a pain because of running the Ethernet cables but that is no fault of the Swann system. I used an electrical fish tape to pull the cables through the walls into the attic and back down to a central point where I placed the NVR. Complete installation time for pulling cables and hooking everything up was about 8 hours or one full day. First problem I encountered was getting the mouse to work, but again, that turned out to be no fault of Swann -- the optical mouse won't operate on a glossy surface apparently. I was using it on a cabinet top that was somewhat glossy painted surface. When I put the mouse on a piece of paper, it operated fine.

After using the system for about 2 days now, this is my assessment:

1. Camera resolution is wonderful in the daylight hours.
2. Power over Ethernet cable cuts out a lot of work because of not having to run separate power to each camera.
3. Access via internet is a great feature and works pretty well.
4. Available apps for Apple iphone, iPad and for Android, Desktop PC, and Mac, just about covers ability to access from any smart device.
5. Setup to send email when a motion detection occurs was straightforward and works well.
6. The NVR unit itself is small and compact, not taking up too much room in my cabinet.

1. Biggest con I encountered so far is that I can't get the system to sound an audible alert from the NVR when a motion detection event occurs. The manual on the NVR says it can do this and, indeed the Windows version of the software has a check box for it but it doesn't seem to work. So, count that as a bug. I will take the positive attitude and assume that some not too distant future software/firmware upgrade will correct this issue.
2. The various app's for the various devices are all different and do not even have all the same capabilities. The one for iPad doesn't even have the same name as the others (it's called StreamView whereas others are called SwannView).
3. Setting up motion detection sensitivity is a pain. With default settings, I was getting a motion detection every couple of minutes. It was a windy day and motion of tree leaves was triggering it. The system does have the capability to designate the specific area to sense motion so that tree limbs can be excluded but it is a tedious process. The default sensitivity setting in the software is 10 out of 100 and it still seems to be too sensitive, but tolerable. I can't imagine what the 100 setting would pickup -- ants crawling?
4. Technical support doesn't seem to respond quickly. I sent a message from the support system on their website and after 36 hours I still don't have a response (other than the automated acknowledgement).
5. A couple of places in the NVR manual and documentation there is mention of a remote control for the NVR but the reference was vague and there was no remote included in my system components. A remote would be nice to be able to, for example, quickly mute the sound or put a particular camera on full screen without walking over and using the mouse.
6. The female receptacle into which you plug in your Ethernet cable is a bit large. I had to drill an 1-1/8' hole in my eave soffit to allow the large connection to be stowed away out of the weather.
7. Having a reset button on the camera that is dangling from a short cable attached to the camera is weird in my opinion. I stowed that in the hole out of sight and therefore would never be able to press it to reset the camera without taking the camera down and pulling out all the cables to access it.

Even though I listed more con's than pro's, I still believe this is a great system. With a few tweaks and debugging, it will be completely satisfactory and way better than most others in the this price range.
Reviewed by wheezerjoe on 11/06/2016
Very nice system very happy with all aspects with the exception of remote viewing from my computer. I cannot seem to make it happen and did not receive any instructions on how to do it.
East to install and easy to view from my phone I just want to be able to view from my laptop at my office.
Reviewed by iamwatching on 30/05/2016
Excellent Security System
I just installed the Swann NVR8-7300 3MP camera system and am very pleased with the quality of the entire system and how easy it was to install. I was completely surprised how easy it was to set up remote viewing on my smart phone. I did this before installing the cameras and used the SwannView app on my smart phone to view and adjust the cameras as soon as they were mounted. No up and down the ladder to go view the cameras image on a computer monitor. It is very comforting to be away from home and be able to monitor the cameras at any time. I researched many different brands and am glad I chose Swann.
Reviewed by KeithD on 11/05/2016
Very Good System
I bought 2 other systems that I returned before buying this one. The picture quality is great compared to the others i bought. one being Amcrist for $300 on Amazon. and another swann product that had great viewing angles compared to this one but I did not like the connections for the cams. these RJ45 connections are the way to go. the viewing angle could be better but the images are awesome. app works ok but no FFW on playback.
I was able to here audio through the web site and when I transferred video to a jump drive.
The nvr fan is pretty loud but my system is in my office so no biggie.
Reviewed by Brokenwindowguy on 30/04/2016
Great - Firmware needs some work
I have the NVR8-7300 with 8 cameras, 4 dome 4 bullet.

Found that my 5 year old LG TV Remote when i press the volume buttons or the left and right on the D Pad affect the NVR displaying on an old PC monitor. The HDMI cable isn't attached so its rather strange.

Cant find a fix for this anywhere :(

Would also like to see a few more features transition over to the Swann View Link iOS app, has so much more potential for what I have paid :)

Keep the Updates Coming, video quality is superb.
Reviewed by METAL13 on 27/04/2016
There's only one model camera that works with this system!
I researched whether I wanted coax-cabled cameras or network-cabled cameras and decided on the NVR route. I purchased this at Sam's and it was very reasonably priced. I also purchased 4 more cameras, after finding out there are NO OTHER CAMERA MODELS that work with this system? Oh, come on! Quit locking down a system to only use a specific camera..that's annoying. So, as long as you can work with the single bullet camera model, I'd say it's an okay system. But, here's where there are some issues...the software.

I'm an IT guy. We have Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, iPhones, Androids and Windows phones in my family (leaving out the servers#. No Mac desktops/laptops. If you are connected directly to the NVR, the pictures are great and things seem to work as they should on an NVR. I haven't tested all the functionality #and probably won't# but one reviewer has noticed some of the camera settings don't 'stick.' But, I have installed this on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, an Android tablet and wifey's iPhone. What, there is no Windows phone app, you say? Correct! So, I don't have to worry about any bugs on the Windows phone.

On Windows 8.1, the app is fair, but it routinely just stops displaying video unless you keep clicking on things. Instead of having a simple menu system, it has controls and buttons on the left, right and top. You can size the app to fixed sizes...and hopefully there's a resolution that looks good on your monitor. You can choose 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1440x900, 1680x1050 and 1920x1080. It's weird how they've changed the minimize and restore buttons in Windows to do this crazy resolution switch.

The app seems to be best on the iPhone #surprise, surprise# and the Android tablet. In fact, I have an Android tablet I leave connected in the kitchen as the main wireless display. Works well...stays connected. You'll notice on the network connected apps the default is to stream a 'balanced' video stream where the bitrate doesn't overwhelm your network. Why they call the resolution modes on the camera balanced, fluent and clear are also weird. How about low, medium and high resolution?

I'm sure if you connected this to an SMTP server to send mail you'll have all the same issues every SMTP-enabled app has nowadays. SMTP servers can be so locked down #to prevent spam# it can be difficult to set this up. Usually you'll need at least your ISP mail account username and password...and the right ports and SSL #security settings#. Just getting an MFP connected can be a challenge depending on your ISP.

Well, I've got 7 cameras connected and they work fine. The front-porch camera gets washed out #picture turns orange-brown# when the exterior accent lights are on, but this can be corrected by turning them off or turning the front porch light on. Haven't looked at many recordings, yet. That seems to be something that is kind of clunky, but it may be my inexperience on the UI at this point.

Why Swann would release a product with ONE camera model is beyond my comprehension. With all the systems and cameras they have, you'd think they'd try and be more consistent across their product line. So, don't ASSume you can use any camera in their product line-up.

If I get more motivated, I may write this up on my blog, idoneitmyself dot com.
Reviewed by RW5207 on 2/04/2016
Swann Communications 8 Channel NVR with Smartphone Viewing & 4 x NHD-815 HD Cameras
I did some on line research and dertermined that Swann was probably one of the best options available without spending a large amount of money.

The system is fairly easy to set up. it's basically plug and play. With POE there is only one cord to run to each camera. The hardest part is deciding the best location for each camera.

You can set the individual cameras to record at different resolutions to save sapace on the NVR if needed. Once the disk is full it's supposed to start over writing.

I downloaded the apps for remote viewing for both Android, PC and IOS products. They work but seem to be a bit buggy at this time. They stop working constantly. There is also no way to fast forward or reverse when not directly connected to the NVR. It would be nice to be able to fast forward through hours of video when on vacation.

The night vision on these cameras is amazing. My back yard is very dark at nigh but these cameras light it up almost bright as day. They easily see fairly good detail at night out to about 50 feet. That's about the limit of my property. There is a fence there that no camera can see through.

One of the cameras had faulty night vision the first night. I was going to swap it with another one but it started working. So far everything is working pretty good.

The cameras are small enough to be virtually invisible against a white background. I have mine installed under the roof overhang about 20 feet up. You have to look for them to even know they are there. At night when the infrared lights are on, it is just barely visible. Again, if you didn't know they were there you wouldn't notice.

They have only been up for a couple of days. So far it has been both very hot and very rainy. They got a bit glitchy in the rain. It may have been due to the lightning. As soon as the lighning stopped the cameras operated as they should.

I still have not figured out how to set up the email alerts. I will have to contact customer service for this.

So far I have no major complaints. The software could be better but I can deal with it for now.
Reviewed by Supertech15 on 2/04/2016
almost perfect
physical instalation GREAT
looks GREAT
app set up GREAT
picture GREAT
BUT WHY WHY WHY can't you set up the cameras on a apple mac , you still need to plug a monitor into the NVR to access the set up wizard ???
Reviewed by gcoast on 25/03/2016
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