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DVR8-50004A - Complete Smart Home Security System with Smart Home Technology in One Solution
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3 Item(s)

Almost finished setting up but quality and image are way better than expected I wss a little surprised it didn't have wifi built in as this restricted location quite a lot unless running additional cat5 but I ordered a wifi range extender with a port built in going this will work
Reviewed by Flewpastu, USA on 26/02/2017
I feel the system is good quality but a little pricey for what I got.
I like the fact that I can view from my cell phone. Wasn't too difficult to set up. Clear HD pictures from cameras.
I wish the camera arms were at least 4 inches long (still keeping elbow) as my eaves hang down lower so the camera view is filled with part of my eaves.
Don't like the fact that the DVR is ethernet connected, not wifi so doesn't connect to my apple computer or my HD TV network.
Reviewed by ck, UK on 8/01/2017
Good DVR, just OK for Alarm and Automation
I am a homeowner looking for integrated camera / intrusion detection / home automation platform. I've owned and operated Swann systems for years now for my business and have had good results.

Installation - the DVR defaults to 1024x768 resolution on the HDMI out. My TV doesn't support this so I get a black screen. I had to connect a PC monitor to perform the setup, then change the video output to 1920x1080, then quickly switch the HDMI connector to my TV to see the HD picture and hit OK on the dialog box. Why can't the system auto-detect supported resolutions? The rest of the DVR setup was straight forward and the quick start guides do a decent job of getting you setup.

Cameras - the cameras are very good quality. Solidly built, bright IR lights, good night range, very good clarity.

Remote App setup and viewing worked first time. I set up the iOS app on my phone and was able to see the camera feeds right away. Super easy.

Intrusion Detection Setup - This is where the system falls short. There seems to be no help online or in the box on how to setup the rules for what happens when various sensors are triggered. Hopefully this will be improved - this is still a new product.

I wish that Swann's video doorbell integrated with this platform - I checked, it doesn't. If you want a video doorbell you'll need to setup a separate system.
Reviewed by FredS on 11/11/2016

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