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EasyView - Wi-Fi Full HD 1080p Monitoring System & Wireless Camera 4 pack
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5 Item(s)

So far so good.
Right now, I'm super happy. I had it up and running in less than a half hour. Super simple anyone can set it up. Picture quality is phenomenal on my acer 1080p computer monitor. It seems well built, no flimsy plastics or thin metals. My only wish is that it came in white because my siding is white and it wouldn't stand out so much.
Reviewed by Robin, USA on 14/04/2017
Installed and Happy
Purchased and installed over 2 months ago and it works great. I had tried several other products from wired to wireless and this was the best I found. Works great with smartphone also.
Reviewed by Hudson36, US on 8/02/2017
EasyView Wi-Fi with 4 cameras
I bought the Swann Security system about 5 weeks ago, and I am very happy that I did. I have my DVR located in the garage by the inside wall about 6 feet high, and it can easily communicate with the 2 cameras that are outside the garage which are about 20 feet away from the DVR, although I have double steel garage door. The DVR is connected through Ethernet cable to my router and that is needed so that the cameras by the entrance and the backyard can communicate with the DVR. If you are planning to have this system, then you will most likely need to enhance the connectivity by using your router (connecting the router to the DVR). With 1080P true HD, the picture quality is amazingly clear during the day, and OK at night. At nigh with moving objects, there is a loss of clarity, but I think that is expected with the night vision cameras. I have the DVR connected to a monitor using the HDMI cable that came with the system and that works great and allows me to monitor the 4 cameras simultaneously. I also can monitor the 4 cameras from my computer's monitor which is not connected to the DVR, by using the "SwannView Link" app. I also can monitor the cameras when I am away from home by using my Smartphone and also by using the "SwannView Link" app. Setting up the system was very easy, and using the "SwannView Link" app is also easy to use. The mouse that comes with the system, can be used for defining the motion detection areas and other settings, and I found it easy to use, but I did not spend hardly any time with the settings since I left them the way they are, except for the sensitivity that I put in the middle of the range. The camera antenna needs to be tightened by hand and it needs to make few complete rotations before getting a good connection. The DVR and home router locations, orientations, and height may need to be adjusted for best signal level, depending on the router performance. The reasons I gave the system 4 instead of 5 are the following: The field of view is 52 degrees which is a little smaller than what I like, but it works fine after figuring where to mount the camera for best view. Adjusting the angles of the camera is done by using set screws and the Allen wrenche provided, which is not very user friendly. For one of the adjustment screws, the camera antenna needs to be removed before adjusting. Reception between the cameras and the DVR is week, but that should not be an issue if the home router is utilized, or if the cameras are not too blocked or far from the DVR.

Another reason for liking this system, is that 2 times I called the Swann help desk, one time was on the weekend at midnight, and I got help in less than 5 minutes of waiting time.
Reviewed by Eli1, US on 1/12/2016
2-months and everything looks good..
I'm still learning the system operations, but I like it so far.

PROS: WiFi so no wires to the base unit, 1080p HD, 1TB hard drive, clear pics & night vision, sound, and phone app monitoring.

CONS: WiFi (limited camera distance, can lose signal temporarily), Camera viewing angle is only 52 degress.
Reviewed by JimL on 21/11/2016
Nice system easy setup
Setup is pretty straight forward, getting power to the camera takes a bit of effort if you don't want the wire to show. Function well, don't know about durability yet, will see.
Reviewed by kulumao on 14/11/2016

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