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ADS-466 Indoor & Outdoor Wi-Fi Security Camera with Smart Alerts
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Availability: In stock

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9 Item(s)

SD Card Access
This camera works fine except for accessing the SD card, I have the latest firmware and have used the app to format the SD Card but I still cannot turn on its function from the app, it comes up with a message I need to install a card, after just formatting it? It will go into downloading data but just continues to spin on the spot with nothing happening, I have installed a good quality class 10 32GB SD card into camera and cannot get any value for the cost of the card from the camera, is there a way of accessing the data?
Reviewed by Galahbar on 17/06/2016
Great camera and good cloud service
High quality image and sound, designed for remote access on mobile phone, has provided additional security for absent proprietors. Performs very well, in all weathers, including night vision. Cloud service provides limited server storage, additional storage can be purchased. Wireless setup can be tricky as requires barcode scanning and camera confirmation signal is hard to detect in full light.
Reviewed by Blanc on 28/04/2016
Use manual error! During setup the QR is held in front of camera. The camera reads the QR and is supposed to beep. It doesn't and what is worse if it did you couldn't hear it when up a ladder with traffic going past below!! Set it up before you install it.
Tech support is accessible if you get stuck though and is very good.
This model has an MicroSD slot, but don't bother to buy a card because tech support confirms the camera does not currently use it!! However to fit the card you'll need to be sat at a bench with a pretty small screw driver, it's a fiddly job to take the device apart and pry out the circuit board to access the slot. To be fair they do say this is for advanced users.
Build quality is brilliant, and I am hopeful that the gaskets will allow a long life outside.
When you set up, you'll receive a password on your smart phone, which you are encouraged to change. Using an iphone5S with latest IOS 8.1.3 this does not work, it will not allow password change, so you're stuck with what you're given.
The camera does what is say functionality. Camera resolution, detection/notifications, and infrared performance is in excess of the specification.
Set up of the events is straight forward and can be tuned to your need after installation. The video analysis tab lets you select object sizes and places on the screen that trips the detector/notification.
Great value for money product that I would recommend.
Pros/Cons: On the Con side the documentation is sufficient for set-up, but there is no detailed online doc that allows you to understand the deeper capability of the camera, eg how to view if you iphone battery is flat! and where to point to web browser to view the video stored in the cloud.
The video captures only around 10-15 sec after a triggered event. I'd hope that an microSD card would have extended that, but it doesn't.
On the Pros side, dead easy to buy, use and set up.
Every home should have one, even just to make the burglar think twice and move onto the house next door!
Alarms are fine, but everyone ignores them these days,better to record the events, this is my first step to securing my property.
Reviewed by NellyCocker on 7/04/2016
Great Camera, needs some fine tuning
This has been a great camera. Installation was very easy, you have 3 connections, power, RJ45, and a security system connector. At first I set the camera up as just wireless, at first it worked but was very delayed. My other devices in that area get good signal so I can only assume it is the on-board wireless (I have a very good Asus router because of all the streaming I do, but wireless with anything can be hit and miss). I then decided to run cable to it (and one foot through the ceiling later), voila the camera was working. My suggestion is to set the camera up as both wired and wireless, just in case. If you are within 30 feet of your router with no real walls in the way you should have no problem.

As one reviewer mentioned if it loses power it can be a real pain, I found that with the wired connection I did not have the problem, but agree with his statement.

The camera itself is very well built, it fell off a 3 foot ledge and thank goodness it worked fine. The image was shockingly clear in the day and even clearer at night. At about 40 feet away I could make someone out pretty well. The software is pretty good but could use some improvements. The camera will pick up a lot of stuff including shadows from car lights at night, I am fine with being over notified, however I am starting to turn off the notifications which is now defeating the purpose.

The documentation needs a lot of work, although I was able to get it set up quickly, it mentioned the ability to add a flash card, well what is it used for, how do you access it? Additionally I wish there was additional flexibility in the recording of 'events' I would like to be able to configure how long the event should record for. 15 seconds may not be enough in certain situations, and although we only get 100 megs of space it would be nice to have the ability to purchase more space.

If you plan to use this on your ipad, don't. The software that runs on your phone is not the same on your ipad, I am pretty ticket about that. The ipad software appears to only work with their dvrs, after reading some other reviews online many people have made this comment. Swann if you are reading this you may want to address or update your information to not include a tablet. It appears you do have the ability to view stuff online as long as you have the ability to use their DDNS service, the main problem for me is I already use a DDNS service and can't define another one in my router so my only option right now is my iphone (seems like a big miss to me). if you don't know what DDNS is good luck lol.

Overall the camera is very good, clear images night and day, and super easy to install. If I had to do it again I would just get a wired camera, however that is because the distance between my router and the camera is not ideal for this application. The biggest letdown was the ipad app and no flexibility to view online.
Reviewed by RonFL on 7/04/2016
Good but with some major issues
I will keep my review short and not repeat what other have already written but highlight the major issues that I have found with this product.
Good sound & video quality.

The idea of a micro SD card I believe is to enable 100% recording of all intrusions even if the internet connection is not available or very slow, well we all know that the product was premitually launched without the SD card function, latest revision gives you the option of turning off the card recording.

Unfortunately I have discovered nearly 30% of intrusions are not recorded purely because of internet connection problems, either slow or not available. My thinking is that, had the micro SD card been fully functional, the camera would record all events on cloud or on the memory card with the software enabling you to remotely interigate both storage facilities.

Sadly if I needed a reliable recording system, the Swann ADS-466 recording to cloud without the full operation of the SD card would be failing me.
Reviewed by Tradewinds on 1/01/2016
A High Quality User Friendly Piece of Kit
This does what it says on the tin! Excellent quality image and easy to set up. Two niggles though and why I didn't give it 5 bars in features and value.....the position of the wifi aerial prevents a full left 90 degree mounting! Turning the aerial vertically downward helps.
Secondly, it rained last night (first night of operation) and this made it continuously send alerts to my phone. I don't see how I can prevent this? If it's the motion sensor causing this then it's obviously a major problem!
Reviewed by tecmic on 21/11/2015
Easy to use
Very easy to use, it doesn't beep on setup - the lights flash twice when the QR code is picked up so can be tricky to catch. Once that part is done it works great, I couldn't stop it from notifying my phone every time someone walked past but I just logged off the app to stop that.
Can access the camera through PC or app with pretty good quality and works on a LAN so works for me.
Reviewed by KJ1Pete on 31/10/2015
Good quality, Easy set up
I have been watching the progress of WiFi IP cameras for some time, and after purchasing an indoor one, thought it would be nice to also monitor outdoors.

This Camera was on special at my local Maplin store so I decided to give it a try, having had experience with setting up my indoor camera, I thought this would be a learning curve again, however ...

Forget port forwarding and all that Techiee stuff, Swann have made it easy, a few minutes to unpack, power it up, and it was online, via the Swann Cloud.

The only problem I had was when I put the QI code in front of the camera for it to read, there was NO BLEEP, which I was expecting, but apparently on the SWADS-466CAM the leds flash, instead, I missed that so it was confusing, the documentation needs a slight update to make this plain.

Nevertheless I carried on, and found the QI had read ok, and I was registered in the Swann Cloud.

I have mounted my Camera on the front Garage wall above the Door, which is about 20ft away from my WiFi source, through two brick walls, it seems to communicate ok, further testing will reveal if this is remains ok.

Apparently you can fit a micro SD card into the Camera body, I have not yet done this, and the whilst the documentation tells you how to fit one, there is no information about how you access the data on the card, I am still digging this out, and suspect Swann are trying to keep things as simple as possible, and leave the SD card facilities to more advanced users.

So far so good, video looks good in daylight, easy set-up, good quality, good value whilst on special offer at Maplin.
Reviewed by eckyman on 14/10/2015
Excellent low-cost, high-feature Camera for your home or office
The camera was setup in minutes using the neat 2D barcode wireless configuration. Essentially, you download the smartphone app, setup an account easily, provide the wireless name (SSID) and password, and hold the smartphone image 4-6 inches from the camera and BAM!, the camera is connected and streaming. The angle is fixed but you get great image quality and resolution.

Once you setup the cloud account, you can log in using your smartphone or web browser (IOS 8.0.2, Safari 7.1 and Chrome 37.0.2062.124 tested). I was also able to setup alerts on my iPhone any time the camera detected motion. I get an alert when the system automatically transitions from day to night (infrared) mode. The night vision (grayscale) is just as clear as the daytime color.

The only negative is the smartphone app crashed a few times when I was fiddling with the camera settings, but when used strictly for live viewing and checking alerts, it works like a champ.

I highly recommend this camera for the price and features!
Reviewed by xmac on 14/10/2015

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