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Driveway Alert Kit
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Great product
I have been looking for a wireless driveway alarm for awhile now. We live in the country back off of main road. Our home sits back in woods. Lots of times ive been working in my shop and missed people because they cant get a answer knocking on door. This little alarm will now tell me someone is arriving before they arive! I also work weekends 12-13hr days. I feel safer knowing my family has fair warning of anything or anybody entering our property. Thanks Swanns,
Reviewed by Jr on 16/11/2016
its an ALERT
Works very very well, does what it is supposed to do ALERT you. Distance is incredible
Reviewed by Eric on 14/11/2016
Too Loud
High quality product. Works really well but alarm cannot be reduced to a reasonable level. Far too loud on lowest setting. Should be an optional alert acailable
Reviewed by Mauries on 11/11/2016
Top Quality, Top Performance, New Lifetime Customer
Quality, well built, easy to use and reliable product! Cant wait to get a proper alarm system from Swann when I have the cash. I needed peace of mind from a psychotic ex roommate immediately and found this exact product at Lowes. The alarm, is extremely loud and can buy you precious seconds to call 911 and prepare to defend yourself and your family i.e. Unlock your gun, grab your bat, whatever and hole up until cops arrive. Thanks guys for making a solid garage entry motion detection "chime" with the genius idea of throwing in a very loud alarm that would send anybody running. And the great video surveillance stickers you sent are fantastic. I mean, a garage alarm that I was forced to improvise with to protect my girlfriend, did and continues to make me feel safe in my home when we are most vulnerable. Like sleeping, showering, etc. A+++ product. Push the button its set. Push the button its off. So well designed. Has an array of business chimes, doorbells and others. This really isn't an alarm. Its a very loud motion detector which is super accurate by the way, that simply buys me seconds if I needed it God forbid. A 2 yr old can set this up, the design is slick and quality built and it works perfectly. For $25 you get every cents worth. Far too many products don't do the job on the cheap. Kudos Swann!
Reviewed by JD on 11/11/2016
Way to loud.
Works well over distance but the alarm is way to loud, the 3 settings would still wake the dead. Should be able to select one of the door bell settings as the alarm.
Reviewed by Jack on 6/11/2016

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