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Driveway Alert Kit
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Works well!
Works well... I used it from inside one house to inside another house and from inside a house to an outside medal shed (inside shed) and still works and has not missed a beat.
Reviewed by TC, USA on 21/08/2017
Love it
i have had Swann driveway alerts for several years. I have them all around the house and they are a great addition to our camera system.
When i bought mine years ago you could buy 6 or 7 different frequencies. At the time i only bought 3 and soon afterward i wanted the other frequencies but could not find them anymore. Are they still available.?
Reviewed by jerry, USA on 21/02/2017
Peace of mind
It's a pretty good alert system. I've had others like this, but this one is more stylish and modern looking. But my biggest problem with it that the batteries has to be replaced a bit too often, because the light stays on for nearly three to five minutes after the alarm stops. I fixed the LOUDNESS by covering the speaker with a little masking tape
on the back. Over all, I'm glad I have it. I'm getting the Garage Parking Sensor next.
Reviewed by AJ, US on 2/02/2017
Too loud but good
Works well, we have in shop entrance but too load even at low setting.but must say Gaffer tape does help. Works okay on mute distance good.
Reviewed by RDM, AU on 24/01/2017
Music would be nice
Does anyone know how to get the alarm to play to music options ?
Reviewed by Bob, US on 19/01/2017
I love it!
Works exactly as stated. Yes the alarm is loud - I covered it with electrical tape and that helped. It has alerted us to the two times a prowler has been in our yard.
Reviewed by Sdub, CA on 16/01/2017
Has Issues...
As the other reviewers have mentioned this unit is far too loud. I mean it's put it in the refrigerator loud. It's so loud that I taped over the speaker on the back of the base and it's still obnoxious. The base has many alternate ring tones. Unfortunately, the manual doesn't describe how to set them to a sensor. No matter what the sensor defaults back to a LOUD klaxon sound. I'd look elsewhere for a motion alert.

Reply from Swann: Hi Paul, thanks for your feedback. We've updated our product description with more information to help you out. If I may suggest you try linking your alert to channel 3 on the receiver, which has a more subtle sound.
Reviewed by Paul O., US on 14/01/2017
To loud
Great product works well but the volume is to loud needs a lower setting
Reviewed by Jim, US on 3/01/2017
Alert is like a burglar alarm , instead of normal chime alert.
The product description is misleading . Driveway alert ? The alert is like a burglar alarm. I am very disappointed in the description.
Reviewed by nickname, US on 31/12/2016
drivewas alarm, nice.
easy to set up to work but too loud and can't change the alarm sounds. Only has one and can't change it. Reset and all still doesn't work. It does let me know when something comes up the drive was and the distance is well within my needs of at least 200 feet. Better instruction on setting alarms sounds would be nice.
Reviewed by Chuck, AU on 29/12/2016

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