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Gate Alert Kit
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2 Item(s)

Good security alarm
Really great for DIY security system on budget
Crazy sound will wake the whole neighbourhood if anyone wants to break in.
There is no system to switch off the Alam mode , the button in one part allows 5 seconds window but then again alarm goes on like crazy.
A remote switch would be great for on and off
Over all for budget security system it's awesome not good for door chime.

Reviewed by Brisman, AU on 10/02/2017
Good product, so close to perfect but...
Just purchased the Swann Gate Alert. Really well packed and presented unit. Unlike a lot of electronic gadgets it looks and feels well made.

The door chime functions are great and the wireless range works perfectly for my 50m driveway. The simply magnetic sensor is easy to understand and install. Well thought-out Swann!

Only one problem, but its a biggie. Whilst the door chime has loads of pleasant chimes to choose from, the Gate Open Alert function (which is it's main purpose) only has one option - a VERY annoying alarm sound from the receiver unit. And the remote transmitter unit on the gate is just as bad and even louder! This is probably fine for a safety issue such as a child opening a swimming pool door, but for other uses such as a home gate or door without the security concerns, this is mad!

I just wanted it to give a pleasant beep or chime each time the gate is opened so I know visitors are coming - not to alert the whole neighbourhood and send every nearby dog barking mad.

If the Alert function could be set to use the same chime options as the Chime function and the dreadful alarm sound from the remote transmitter had an option to turn it's sound on / off then it would be a perfect 10/10 unit. But like it is, I can't use it as it's too loud, too annoying and an embarrassment to the neighbourhood....
Reviewed by UserInOz on 13/05/2016

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