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DVR8-4500 8 Channel 1080p Digital Video Recorder, 2 x PRO-T855 Cameras, & 2 x PRO-T850 Cameras
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9 Item(s)

Very nice swann product
This is my second swann system,I've got one in Ohio ,and my winter home in Florida . The first one took me a few days to configure but it works great and this one was the easiest to hook up
Reviewed by Solaronic, US on 26/01/2017
PERFECT!! I Couldn't be happier ,so far NO issues the picture quality is AMAZING!!
Reviewed by moe, US on 1/01/2017
This set leaves the competition in the dust
I purchased a set from another manufacturer that had high reviews from a local retailer most of my research was done on line. As it turns out that set had 800 tvl cameras and the mobile connection was too complicated forcing me to get help by waiting 1/2 hour on the phone. Well after everything was operational the picture quality was hideous could not recognize faces at all. Needless to say I returned the product on day 3. I saw a 'you tube' video about swann and decided to call and ask what Swann could recommend that has good video quality. The rep told me about the 4500 High Def System with 4 cameras and a DVR. I found it locally and purchased it fully knowing that if not satisfied I could return it within 15 days. Well let me say I could not believe the difference, the picture was superb. The mobile connection was simple , a swann tech helped with a couple pointers in 5 minutes I was up and running. I could not be happier. You see the last set came in a plain unmarked box that was not at all appealing guess that saved money on packaging but the Swann packaging was attractive and professionally done touting its features. The assistance from swann was very good I can't complain they were quick to answer the phone and any questions. Before you make a mistake and buy another brand you should check out this set having compared it to my first system I could easily tell swann is probably the industry leader in Surveillance Systems. The DVR was better looking and the Mouse worked flawlessly and all the system components looked better as well, the set I returned was cheesy in comparison. The features and menu are easy to navigate and the warranty is also better with the 6 months added to the 1 yr for a total of 18 months. These cameras are not big and clunky like the other set in fact they look better, have a smaller footprint, and function better while also having a wider angle of View. From what is currently out there by way of Surveillance systems the DVR-4500 is state of the art and uses the latest technology. Many systems on the market are old technology have inferior images and use rudimentary software that complicates set up. You will see many of these other systems at low discount prices that sound like good deals....The truth is pay a little more get the latest technology and you will be further ahead and much happier.
Reviewed by JimB on 4/02/2016
Nice System
I purchased this system after a car break in and then catching 3 thieves on my game camera looking through my vehicles again.

The installation is very simple. I had to hook the DVR to a 1080P TV in order to set it up. I then had to change the resolution and move it to another TV where my internet hook up is in order to complete the setup. The setup instructions are not very clear as far as email setup and I had to call customer service to assist me in completing the setup. There are also no instructions in the box on how to retrieve the data that has been recorded. Im sure there is something in the menu that I haven't found yet, but would be nice to have an instruction manual in the box. The remote live viewing is a very nice feature and very user friendly. It is also very convenient to view from my bedroom.

The camera quality is outstanding for the price. The motion detection is very sensitive to flying insects but that isn't anything that can be helped I don't suppose.

I would definitely recommend this system.
Reviewed by Lane on 2/10/2015
This product was very intuitive, just plug and play. Everything was easy to set up and test. APP for I Phone was super easy to scan, set up and activate. Nothing to it, a 2 year old could do it. As expected the only tough part is routing the cable through the house but even for me that was pretty simple with a well thought out plan. I highly recommend this product and have even talked some friends into it. The video quality is awesome!! I just now started looking into the deeper more technical advantages it has but I am no IT geek and some of it is over my head but for security and recording I am good. Love it.
Reviewed by TravisG on 4/09/2015
Good Value - Easy Installation and set up.
Overall I'm very pleased. The included cabling is more than adequate for the camera runs. Instructions are comprehensive and software configuration on the DVRis easy to complete. Very intuitive and it doesn't require a degree in rocket science. The unit I purchased has the 720 and 1080p cameras, so the resolution is really nice and the night vision is well defined.

There are only two things that I noticed, very minor and of little consequence, but still issues. In the included camera booklets that describe how to adjust the angle, the numbers 2 and 3 are reversed when comparing the description to the diagram. Further, when you use the DVR menu to 'shutdown' and the sequence is complete, it prompts you to shut off the unit, however there is no POWER BUTTON to complete the task. Unless I'm missing something, it requires you to unplug the power to truly shut it off. Again, trivial issues that shouldn't affect your buying decision. Simple refinements that would make the system even better.
Reviewed by Ingram59 on 31/08/2015
Could be better
The biggest problem I have is the remote viewing. It will work for a few days and then stop. So when I get back home I have to shut down the dvr and restart it. Once it fires back up, remote viewing will begin again, and the cycle continues. the remote playback can use some serious work, a friend of mine has a q see he got from costco, the remote playback is much smoother and easier to use. I'm not saying don't get it, if it's what you can afford. I'm just saying the engineers need to sit down and get there stuff together and send out since decent patches and software updates. I would have put a maybe on the would I recommend part.
Reviewed by Matthew76 on 8/05/2015
terrific value and quality
Was a snap setting it up and works great. Need better instructions for how to navigate the exporting events to usb.
Reviewed by oldgoat67 on 24/04/2015
wish u can navagate easier but overall excellent system
excellent system, just wish some features were including an automatic swivel n more cameras
Reviewed by krazygirl37 on 10/04/2015

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