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DVR8-8075 - 8 Channel 1080p Digital Video Recorder & 8 x 1080p HD Cameras
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Great Product
Great product, easy to install and the picture is clear as can be. So much better than my last system i had. Also glad i can see it on my smartphone. If ever i have to get another it will be a swann!
Reviewed by Larry, USA on 27/02/2017
Great deterrent!
Great product. Very clear on display. The zoom feature can get a bit blurry. We are working out the kinks as insects keep causing the motion detected recording to activate which makes playback long while reviewing film. Overall, a great product and once we work out the setup kinks on our end (user errors) we will love the item even more.
Reviewed by MICHELLE, US on 19/01/2017
Great for the price <$700
I should have rated it a 3, but for the price, it's a great product. The reason I rated it a 4 is Swann's customer service is great and available when you need them. The cameras give nice clear, crisp pictures and there's a few features to help you zoom in and photo capture any crooks. The weak link is the software and DVR. My DVR doesn't like heat and would lock up when place in the top of closet during hot FL days. The software also locks up a lot on playback when you speed up or slow down the play. Also, the software will just lock up for no reason at... It seems to over tax my CPU, but it shouldn't as my system is an AMD 3.8 GHz with 12 G of RAM. I have noticed the Swann Plus Client is designed for a 32 bit system and mine is a 64 bit. I've had the system nearly 6 mos. now and it does work perfectly through my TV, so there are some conflict issues somewhere. As for the smart phone app. it's great when it works, but requires a lot of bandwith and if your in a crowed touristy area or the country, there may not be enough bandwith to support video. Overall, for the price, it's great. The next time I buy one though, I'm going to do a little more research and probably spend a great deal more... This product was an impulse buy for me...
Reviewed by ltfinney on 10/12/2016
The system is great with a great support system
I bought a DVR8-8075 from Sam's Club.
The install was difficult but not impossible.
The box did not include a manual for setting up the email or required settings. Which required us to make 2 phone calls to their customer service, but they were very friendly and quickly solved all of our issues.
Reviewed by Denise on 9/11/2016
Upgraded from a D1 system.
I have had this system up and running for 2 day's now and I am very satisfied with the performance. The reason I upgraded was to improve the quality of the video on the camera's and this set made a big difference for me in both day and night performance. The reason I chose this set was because it is backward compatible with my older D1 camera's without replacing the BNC cables that came with the D1 this system is TVI compatible (TVI allows customers who already have run BNC cable (the cable used by old CCTV systems), the ability to upgrade to an HD solution without changing any wiring.)That was a HUGH help for me not having to run the cables again. I am very satisfied with my new system.I love being at my pc and looking all around my house with out getting up and looking out the window it is safer also.
Reviewed by nagoh on 1/07/2016
Replaced an ADT System - Outstanding Leap in Quality and Ease of Use
The camera's were easy to install and provide great day and night viewing. The DVR is simple to use and set up. The included instructions are a bit dated and didn't exactly match the actual set up but it wasn't anything insurmountable. The phone app works great on a network setting but is a bit slow on weak cell signals. Make sure you keep the right power supply with the right piece(s) of equipment since the camera's are 12V/0.5 amps and the DVR is 12V/2 amps. For the price, this is an outstanding value.
Reviewed by RxDr on 1/07/2016
For the price, it's exellent.
This system didn't come with a manual and I need help setting things up. Customer service was friendly and some knew more than others, but everything worked except the email alerts after help from customer service. This DVR system doesn't loop and by loop I mean if the DVR hard drive was full, this system will stop recording. You have to manually reconfigure the hard drive; to initialize and format the hard drive.
Reviewed by Redmanwanted on 24/06/2016
I to bought this system during Black Friday of 2016 and was happy when I set the system up. My problem started about two days after system was set up that one out of the four cameras I initially set up kept going out. Talked to tech support four or five times replaced camera, switched wiring, and changed harness and each time after a day or two the same camera would go out and say NO VIDEO. Finally they said take unit back to store and replace unit and cameras. Did that and installed everything again and after a few days the same camera went out. I have no problems with the other three cameras that were installed. I need help on why one camera keeps going out. Any help would be appreciated. And yes, I have switched the camera out as well as the wiring.
Reviewed by Saunders817 on 17/06/2016
Just got this system setup was fairly easy, I set up a ddns account at swann and once I got the cameras and set it up found out it did not work, when I called swann tech support I was informed that I would have to use swann software because they no longer support swann ddns on the newer system. If anyone knows a work around please post it
Reviewed by gilton on 17/06/2016
Working on it. Have experienced a couple annoyances with product. Hope to get them ironed out.
Purchased DVR8-8075 on Black Friday 2015 at local Sams Club for a killer price. With so much going on around the holidays,
First I should preface my review with I am gadget nut, I have a good understanding of networking and technology as I am an IT professional (web admin currently) working in the field for over 18 years.
Back to review... The DVR8-8075 package sat by my desk waiting until I had some free time to get the system setup.
I setup the DVR next to my wiring panel in the basement and connected a single cam. I setup motion detection and network connectivity to alert when motion is detected. It sat in my basement in that configuration for a month or so.
Fast forward to Feb 2016. After much deliberation on camera placement, I decided on an ideal spot for a camera over my front door.
I fished the cable from basement to attic to the soffiting that overhangs my front entery door, placed camera and wired up. Setup the angles and tested the motion detection, lighting,, etc.. I was happy. Image quality was great and I felt good about it.

That was until I was testing the software. Here are the annoyances I found:
- Web playback/live view will not work on Windows 10.'Edge' browser.
- SwannView Plus+ app for iPhone seems to work best for me. Occasionally it will lock up. SwannView Plus for PC works marginal. During playback mode, scrolling forward or back occasionally will lock everything and I have to close the session, log into a web session and reboot the DVR. sometimes I have to physically go to the DVR and reboot from there.

- I found that somertimes liveview will hang in web view or SwannView Plus application. I set some PC's to ping the DVR indefinitely. I found that pings responses would fail intermittently.

- sometimes in live view, I can see a feed, but the time will stop incrementing. The live view will continue to show realtime, but motion capture will cease to work and will not record while it is in a funky state. Reboot is necessary to resolve the issue.

It is great... when it works. I was initially happy with the product but I have been growing frustrated. I hate to set this system up to have it fail on me when I need it most.

I am considering returning for another product, but since I sat idle without installing, I don't know if I still have the option. Ideally I would like to have it work without having to monitor it to make sure it doesn't need a reboot.

I'm still trying to figure out why it will drop pings. I'm on the same network subnet (LAN) no wifi. I've tried 100 half and full duplex and auto, tried different switch ports, cables, etc. Still not understanding.
I will post a follow up review to detail my next steps which right now is either get working without any more issues, needing reboots (ideal) or if I take back to store for refund/exchange for abother brand.
Reviewed by bigjimcfh on 14/06/2016

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