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NVR8-7400 8 Channel 4MP Network Video Recorder & 8 x NHD-818 4MP Cameras
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Availability: In stock

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2 Item(s)

Best 4mp camera system
I purchased this 4mp camera 8 camera system from Frys as they were the only ones that had it instock!! I've done lots of research before purchasing this model. I'm not going to say it was the easiest system to install, but if you make your plans of where you want your cameras you shouldn't have any major issues. I would highly suggest you not install the cameras right away so that you will get the best pictures from your cameras. What I did was find where I wanted my cameras and run extra lengths of wire ( utilized Ethernet couplers) to see what that looked like on the monitor. I did have one camera where the microphone did not work but was replaced quickly from Swann. I can tell you the reason I decided on this model was because of the microphones!!
Reviewed by Craig, USA on 1/10/2017
This is the first time I've ever use or install any security system. I have to say that I am very impressed with the way this system works and the ease of set up for remote viewing from my Android phone and PC. Setting up for remote viewing from Android device is so simple by scanning the QR code on top of the recorder and you're DONE!!! Make sure that you set this up initially by not using the same home network that your NVR uses. Use the 3G or 4G network that your carrier use. Do the same for your PC when setting by doing it outside of your home like the at your work. Once you're done setting up for remote viewing, you can set your remote viewing devices, Android or PC, to record so you have a back up in case there is an important event taking place.

My only complain so far is the amount of time it takes support to respond to a question when you submit your question online as mine took a little over 4 days to get a responses.
As for improvements... 1. I would make the camera with a ball joint so it is easier to rotate or position to the angle you want. 2. A smaller network jack so I don't have to drill a slightly larger than 1" diameter in the wall.
Reviewed by TH, USA on 4/04/2017

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