GuardianEye - Wi-Fi Full HD 1080p Monitoring System & Wireless Camera 2 pack
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4 Channel Wi-Fi Full HD 1080p Wireless Monitoring System / 2 x 1080p Wireless Cameras / 66ft (20m) night vision with built-in cut IR filters / Record to inbuilt 500GB Hard Drive / Add up to 2 additional cameras for extra protection

The easiest way to know your family is safe!
4 channel unit supports up to a maximum of 4 cameras
This kit includes 2 cameras
This product can record up to 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels) Full HD resolution.
Record to the pre-installed 500GB Hard Drive
Camera can see up to 65ft / 20m in the dark
Camera has a field of view up to 52 degrees


  • Take the hassles out of security with Swann’s latest wireless high definition network video recording surveillance system
  • No need for messy cables around your home or business – the cameras & the NVR connect wirelessly in minutes using your existing Wi-Fi network
  • Place Swann’s cameras anywhere indoors or outdoors & see crystal clear full HD 1080p image quality
  • Hear what’s happening while you’re away as cameras have built-in microphones with audio up to 16ft/5m
  • See in the dark with IR cut filters to provide powerful night vision up to 66ft/20m with lenses that provide enhanced detail. Expand your system by adding 2 more cameras for full 4 channel monitoring
  • Set & forget motion triggered recording from 2 cameras for 80+ days onto a pre-installed 500GB hard drive
  • Security in the palm of your hand with the ability to view live or recorded video on your Smartphone or tablet using the free SwannView Link app


Wi-Fi Monitor & Recorder
Video/Audio Input
Video Input
Up to 4 Wi-Fi Cameras
Video Output
Audio Output
1 x RCA
Video/Audio Output
Display Resolution
1920 x 1080
Display Frame Rate
Up to 15fps per Channel
Recording Mode
Manual / Schedule / Motion
Memory Type
Memory Supported
USB Ports
Power Supply
DC 12V
Operating Temperature
14°F ~ 122°F / -10°C ~ 50°C
8.5” x 8.9” x 2.0” / 215mm x 225mm x 50mm
Wireless Range
Up to 100ft / 30m. Typical 50ft / 15m (depends on local conditions)

Wi-fi Camera
Video / Audio
Image Sensor
2 Megapixel
Viewing Angle
Audio Range
Up to 16ft / 5m
Night Vision
Night Vision Distance
66ft / 20m
IR Cut Filter
Indoor or Outdoor
Indoor / Outdoor
Operating Power
DC 12V
Operating Temperature
-4°F ~ 122°F / -20°C ~ 50°C
Body Construction
Dimensions - Camera
7.56” x 2.48” x 2.52” / 192mm x 63mm x 64mm


What's Included



• GuardianEye Video Recorder
• 500GB Hard Drive (Installed)
• Day/Night Cameras x 2
• Power Extension Cable 60ft/18m
• Mouse
• Power Adapters x 2
• Network Cable 3ft / 1m
• HDMI Cable 6ft / 2m
• Quick Start Guide
• Theft Deterrent Stickers

*Note: Product contents may change without notice.


Customer Reviews 12 item(s)

GREAT system. Plugged everything in. Turned it on. And everything worked flawlessly. Didn't even have to read the manual.
Reviewed by Daniel, USA on 1/08/2017
Good deal
Piece of cake to setup and get going, the HDMI port would not work with my TV but I was able to use the VGA port and a monitor. Very happy with the install and the performance.
Reviewed by Bill, USA on 24/06/2017
I have messed with a lot of cameras over the years, but this system is the best I have ever had. Long range night vision and clear as if you looking out a window.
Reviewed by Cuz, US on 7/12/2016
Excellent day/night vision, horrible install software, iOS software excellent.
Hooked up to a Mac system and wifi no problems. BUT windows like camera software needs WORK. The main dialogue box is black with very thin lettering, when u enter anything you must hit enter then hit apply for it to happen, then the box that says configuration saved is on top of main box and its black also. Very difficult to see at first. Many times while entering passwords etc., when you click on the little on screen keyboard it flashes indicating you clicked on it but it does not Enter your click, many many times. Your asked to test email when info is entered, I did, it failed, so then you enter different info thinking u made a mistake, it fails, it fails again and again so I went back to the first entered info it failed, did it again, it passed. Went to my email and there were three emails that were sent to confirm success even though when I entered it it failed. Took over a half hour just to get that to work. The quick start wizard printed sheet is Very difficult to read and is not uptodate. You are asked to change Admin, and it won't change, period. Now about the mounting camera hardware, the tightening screws for the tilting line up with the antenna, very very difficult to adjust while on a ladder etc. Also one of the allen screws for rotating camera was cross threaded from the factory, that had to be drilled out and rethreaded and find a screw to fit. Not happy with that. But the mobile software on iPhone and iPad are great and camera quality great. So far unable to find 2 more cameras to add on. Wireless range is 100 feet line of sight, if there is a wall drop that to 75 feet.

Reviewed by gbart on 22/07/2016
Excellent Video Quality
This is my first video security system so I can't compare but I am very impressed with this system. The video quality is excellent. I like the email notifications and the remote view. Setup was easy and the instructions were simple. I was up and running in under 30 minutes. Cameras not mounted naturally but system was set up and cameras working. Follow the instructions as you need to power up your cameras 1st. My only complaint(suggestion) is add an on/off option and fast foward on the SwannLink app. It would be nice to easily turn the system off when we are at home going in and out and not waste recording space. The NVR has a fast forward option so not a huge deal but it would be convenient in the app. Overall an excellent buy. 3 friends have already said they want one too. Yes the cameras require power. One reviewer knocked off for this but it comes with a 60ft power cable per camera. The wireless range is excellent and I like that the antennas screw directly to the NVR. Some systems I researched had BNC cables to antennas and it wasn't eye appealing. The NVR looks like a wireless modem and blends nicely with other electronics. Great purchase with no issues to date. Mobile app loads fast and hasn't froze even over mobile data. You can select between 1080P and 720P when viewing. Very nice feature to save on data when viewing on mobile device. I think Swann has under marketed some of the features of this product. It has a lot of features that make it stand out above other systems. The cameras are made very well and have 3 pig tails; power, ethernet and a reset. Wireless antennas are short and screw onto the camera housing. These cameras are not cheap plastic. They are made of aluminum. Very well constructed. Additional cameras are available on Swann's site. You will not be disappointed with the quality and features of this system.
Reviewed by NewSecure on 22/07/2016
So far so good
Good price, easy to install, nice features. Only had problem connecting to my Gfiber router, bad network cable. Replaced it and all is good. Also interested in buying to additional cameras.
Reviewed by s39tsan on 22/07/2016
Great little system
I too love this system. I wasn't sure if it would work wirelessly over a long distance through walls but is does a good job.
Just need more cameras now.
I contacted support and the cameras are available at...
Reviewed by kennyn454 on 15/07/2016
great value
love this system, I have been looking for something for awhile and came across this one. super easy set up (other than email notifications, cant get them to work, waiting to hear back from tech support). great picture quality, app is awesome, well built cameras.

as the others have said I want to add the extra cameras, but cant find them anywhere. can it be any wireless camera or does it have to be the exact same? maybe ill hear back from tech support and they will know.
Reviewed by chris88 on 15/07/2016
Great system!
Like the other would like to add additional cameras but cannot find them. Great picture quality. Easy to install. The power plug is too large for our covered out door receptacle- had to trim the receptacle case. Great system!
Reviewed by Deborahp on 8/07/2016
No one has add on Cams
Have checked all SWANN sources I know of and can not find add on cams. I did see in the compatibility chart they should be NVW-480 EZVIEW GUAEYE Cameras .. but a search any where has been fruitless. Please email when you make the 1080p NVW-480 EZVIEW GUAEYE available for purchase here or at the Swann Store or eBay.
Reviewed by Joessoft on 1/07/2016
I want the two additional cameras!
The system was easy to install and remote viewing a snap. The only down side is I can't find where to purchase two a additional cameras for the system. Video and audio is great and I'd like to install two more cameras.'

I'd say Ditto to all the above. Unfortunately and especially the part about not being able to get the two additional cameras. I'm currently on hold with Tech support. Been waiting about 20 min without talking to anyone.
Reviewed by Paul47 on 24/06/2016
Love system
The system was easy to install and remote viewing a snap. The only down side is I can't find where to purchase two a additional cameras for the system. Video and audio is great and I'd like to install two more cameras.
Reviewed by Mel0126 on 3/06/2016
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