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HomeSafe Plan for Cloud Video Recording

The safest way to know what’s happening

Swann’s Smart Home video cloud is a secure storage facility that is accessible to you via the internet. It’s 100% private with industry best-practice AES encryption. So, there’s no need to record to a hard drive stored on your premises as all your video clips can be securely stored in the Swann Smart Home cloud and available for your retrieval if you need them.

10 Days of Video
$12.95 AUD
(paid each month)
30 Days of Video
$29.95 AUD
(paid each month)

What’s Included

  • You get ‘continuous’ cloud video storage AND you also get live video, video clips, notifications, custom rules, appliance control, remote lock control
  • A 10 day plan means you can store video from the previous 10 days. It’s like a continuous window to see what happened over the previous 10 days
  • A 30 day plan means you can store video from the previous 30 days. It’s like a continuous, although larger, window for 30 days
  • Both plans include a 30 day free trial
  • Put credit card details in at the start. Cancel any time but get charged for that period in full
  • Applies to a single user account, price is per camera, to be paid each month