Swann Outdoor Mounting Stand for Smart Security Camera


Swann Outdoor Mounting Stand for Smart Security Camera



  • Camera Compatibility:
    Swann Smart Security Cameras
  • Wall & Ceiling Security Mount
  • Adjustable Ball Joint for Multiple Viewing Angles
  • Outdoor/Indoor Weather Resistant Aluminium Construction
  • Added Security & Strength
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Give your Swann Smart Security Camera a firmer and more secure grip with the sturdy Outdoor Mounting Stand. Mount it outdoors as the Stand’s sturdy aluminum construction is weatherproof. Securely mount the Camera to the Stand, then easily adjust the viewing angle with the ball joint and tripod mount, and then use the tightening nut to fix the angle. Everything you need for a DIY installation is in the pack, including mounting screws and wall plugs.

Advantages over the standard stand

While mounted to the standard stand you have the convenience to move the camera angle more easily, however, the Outdoor Mounting Stand will make it a lot harder for anyone to tamper with the Camera and its viewing angle. On the standard stand you can easily move the camera’s angle as the camera’s strong magnet will slide around the metal ball, whereas on the Outdoor Mounting Stand the camera is screwed on to the tripod pin and further secured with the nut on the Stand. The Outdoor Mounting Stand can then be attached to a wall or ceiling by drilling with 3 screws and wall plugs (included in the pack).

Standard Camera Stand

  • Easily adjust angle
  • Camera magnetically connects to the stand
  • Two mounting options: double-sided tape or screws and wall plugs (all included)

Outdoor Mounting Stand

  • Choose desired angle
  • Camera screws to stand, then fix in position by tightening the nut on the stand
  • Stand is firmly mounted to a wall or ceiling with the screws and wall plugs (all included)

Secure mount for walls & ceilings

Use the stand to maneuver the camera to find the best viewing angle for your Smart Security Camera then tighten using the nut above the base of the stand.

Adaptable mount suits most security cameras

The Mounting Stand has a tripod mount with a ¼” / 6.35mm screw thread that suits most wireless security cameras allowing you the adaptability to use it with the Swann Smart Security Camera range, as well as with other brands and models.

Use the stand to expand your system

Use the Outdoor Mounting Stand to securely mount the camera around your home, on walls, ceilings, porches, verandahs, eves and more.



What's In the Box

  • Outdoor Mounting Stand
  • Mounting Screws & Wall Plugs
  • Drilling Guide & Instructions

*Note: Swann Smart Security Camera not included.
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  • Jaycar
  • JB Hi-Fi