Xtreem RC Drone with Camera: 720p HD Wi-Fi Video Camera, Hover Mode, Folding Propeller Arms & Smartphone Control - MOSCA1


Xtreem RC Drone with Camera: 720p HD Wi-Fi Video Camera, Hover Mode, Folding Propeller Arms & Smartphone Control - MOSCA1



  • Resolution: 720p (1MP)
  • Flying Time: 11 Minutes per Battery
  • Drone Power: 3.7V Li-poly Battery (2 Included)
  • Control: Remote Control or Phone
  • Signal Range via Remote Control: 70m
  • Signal Range via Smartphone: 30m
  • Wi-Fi Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Storage: 4GB Micro SD Card (Included)
  • Control: Remote Control or Phone
  • App: Xtreem Mosca, FPV View Mode
This product is end of life and are no longer available to purchase. The product information is for reference only.


Mosca™ is the new generation remote control drone with camera from the Xtreem range. Control and view live footage by your smartphone via the Mosca App to flip 360’s, draw a flight path, hover, take photos and videos. There’s a remote control included too if that’s how you prefer to fly. The fold-away arms make the Mosca™ the ideal RC drone easy to stow and carry to your favourite fly zone.

Check out every flight with the on-board 720p HD video camera and store footage to the included 4GB SD memory card. The Hover mode and FPV (First Person View) on your Smartphone (using the free Xtreem Mosca App) means you can take cool selfies and aerial photos from above – all easy to share on social media too.

With cutting edge features such as Emergency Landing, Auto Take Off, Auto Landing and double the flying time (10 minutes up to 20 minutes) thanks to the extra battery in the pack, and so much more, you will love Mosca™. It's Xtreem flying taken to a new level.

This product is end of life and are no longer available to purchase. The product information is for reference only.

Xtreem Mosca Drone

  • Control from remote or smartphone app
  • See live camera image on smartphone
  • Share footage with social media
  • Foldable arms for easy stowing
  • Draw flight path on phone app
  • Auto Take Off & Auto Landing
  • 360º flips in the air
  • Takes photos & videos
  • Shoots in 720p HD
  • 4GB Micro SD card included

Control it from the remote or from your smartphone

You can control Mosca either from the remote control or from your phone. With the remote, you can fly it up to 70 metres away. If your remote control runs out of battery, you can just simply switch to use the free Xtreem Mosca app using your smartphone’s Wi-Fi signal and fly within a range of 30 metres. You can also mount your phone on the remote control to view the camera on your phone while controlling it via the remote.

Easily share your flight adventures on social media

You can choose to save videos & photos to your phone’s memory, in addition saving them on Mosca’s micro SD card. After you’ve captured your best angle selfie, or awesome triple 360 flip, simply save the footage to your phone’s album then share your adventures with the world.

Auto Take Off, Auto Landing & Emergency Landing for easy control

The Mosca drone has an Auto Take Off button, both on the remote and on the app that makes your flying experience a lot easier. Mosca will raise about 1 metre from the floor and hover, waiting for you to take control. The Auto Landing works the same way, as you can smoothly bring Mosca down when you see it getting close to a tree or private property, while Emergency Landing immediately shuts off the motors and lets gravity do the rest. Use Emergency Landing if Mosca gets too close to trees and you need it to land really fast.

Draw a Flight Path for Mosca to follow

Impress your friends and family with the Xtreem Mosca app’s cool drawing pad where you can outline a flight path and even adjust the path scale. After you finish drawing the line, the Mosca will follow the path in the air.

Do 360 degree flips

Impress your friends, family and passers by with cool 360º flips and other awesome aerial stunts. Both the remote control and the Xtreem Mosca app have a button to make the drone flip in the air to generate awesome HD action footage.

Double your flight time with the extra battery

Included in the pack is an extra spare battery for you to carry with you when the first battery runs out of juice. You can then easily replace the battery & keep enjoying your cool manoeuvres to double your fun. Each battery will give you 10 minutes of flight, so that you’ll get a total of 20 minutes of fun.

Foldable, light & compact

Mosca drone folds its legs for easy stowing and transportation when the rotor guards are not installed. This makes it easy to travel to your fly zone that’s spacious enough to be clear of people, buildings, vessels, aircraft or vehicles and where you can keep the drone in your sight while you fly.

Get acquainted with the Remote & Mosca app

You can control the Mosca either with the Remote Control or with the Xtreem Mosca app on your smartphone.


Xtreem RC Drone with Camera

Battery Requirements
4 x AA (not included) for Remote Control
3.7V 1300mAh Li-poly battery for drone (2x included)
Remote Control
Remote Control 2.4GHz Wireless Remote Control
or Control via Smartphone using Wi-Fi
Flying range (RC to Drone)
Up to 70m
Wi-Fi Signal Range (Phone to Drone)
Up to 30m
Action Camera
720p HD Resolution
Rotor Diameter
145mm x 4
Dimensions (LxWxH)
362mm x 362mm x 85mm
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