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Jeremy Stewart, Darren James and Emily Power talk all things home security including October Crime Prevention Month, 4K ultra HD, voice control via the Google Assistant and more. Listen now.

Jeremy Stewart talks to Charlie Brown about the integration of Swann’s integration of Google Assistant voice control in new security systems. It’s easier than ever to see what’s happening. Listen now.

Jeremy Stewart talks to Darren James and Emily Power about home security and the launch of 4K CCTV/video surveillance for the home and small business market. There might be a suggestion or two to keep you and your property safer. Listen now.

Jeremy Stewart talks to Darren James and Emily Power on 3AW’s Weekend Breakfast ‘In the Home’ program. Listen as they discuss home security, Swann’s Wireless Security Camera, True Detect heat sensing technology and more. Listen now.

Confused about the different security technology? Swann’s Jeremy Stewart and tech expert Charlie Brown have some answers. Listen in to this segment from 2GB’s Lifestyle & Technology program. Listen now.

Want some hints on how to make your home safe before the holiday season? Listen to Swann’s Jeremy Stewart, with former police detective Charlie Bezzina, discuss home security, Swann and the Wireless Smart Security Camera with 3AW’s Darren James and Emily Power. Listen now. 

Want tips on how to keep your home more secure? Marketing VP, Jeremy Stewart talk to Darren James on 3AW about the latest crime statistics, dogs and things you can do to help keep your loved ones and property safe. Listen now.

Swann’s VP Marketing, Jeremy Stewart and Andy Wells, host of Tech Daily across Australia, talk the current state of play of home security and CCTV technology. There can me more to home security than meets the eye. Listen now.

Worried about your home being broken into? Listen to Jeremy Stewart talk to Darren James on 3AW’s Big House for tips on security, the latest products from Swann and how to avoid becoming a victim of crime. Listen now.

Darren James speaks with Swann’s Jeremy Stewart live from the floor of the world’s largest trade show, CES. The pair catch up on what it’s like to exhibit at CES and compare notes on one of the world’s most exciting cities. Viva Las Vegas! Listen now.