Swann Outdoor Security Camera - PRO-1080PTZ


Swann Outdoor Security Camera - PRO-1080PTZ



  • Resolution: 1080p (2MP)
  • Night Vision Distance: 165ft/50m
  • Viewing Angle: 7° - 68°
  • Camera Outdoor Rating: IP66, Weatherproof
  • Warranty: 12 Months
  • Compatible Recorders: DVR-1600, DVR-4550, DVR-4575, DVR-4750, DVR-4780, DVR-4900, DVR-5000 and many more
MSRP: CA$499.99
Price: CA$499.99


This Full HD 1080p - or 2 Megapixels - security camera is the perfect addition to your Swann DVR when you need extra cameras to cover blind spots. This is a premium, heavy-duty camera that you would usually install at very sensitive points of your property.

The sturdy aluminum construction is built tough for the outdoors or indoors with IP67 weatherproof rating, while the longer 100ft (30m) BNC cable offers more options when choosing a mounting location for the camera.

See better in the dark with the latest infrared Array LED lights to produce amazing night vision image clarity in low light up to 165ft (50m), which is a lot more than the 100ft (30m) you get on regular Swann cameras.

Get the amazing 10x optical zoom, allowing you zoom into fine details such as facial features and license plates, and its motorized pan and tilt movements that allow it to rotate 360 degrees.

Video Resolution Chart

SWPRO-1080PTZ Sample Footage Review & Demo

Weatherproof cameras built for any climate

Use them as outdoor cameras or indoor cameras as they are built tough to withstand whatever the weather throws at them: rain, snow, dust and hot days. With IP67 weatherproof rating and cables threaded through the stand for extra protection ensure you can rely on their performance, day in, day out.

Clearer night vision with infrared Array LED lights

Unlike conventional infrared LEDs which display light in a circular pattern that creates a ‘spotlight’ effect, Array LEDs offer more powerful night vision with amazing clarity with more evenly distributed light than traditional LEDs. The camera is able to see in the dark in black and white up to 165ft (50m) even if it’s pitch black, which is more than enough to see anyone approaching your property at night.

Day to Night Vision Comparison - Move slider to compare day & night vision

Pan, Tilt & Zoom with 360 degree viewing

This is a motorized camera than can pan – move horizontally –; tilt – move up & down –, and it can zoom up to amazing 10x with moving lenses much like on a telescope. The panning can rotate the camera 360 degrees so that you’ll have no more blind spots, with everything controllable via the SwannView Link app when the camera is installed with you Swann DVR.

Varifocal 10x optical zoom

Much like on a professional photo camera, this camera also features moving lenses for 10x optical zoom, with the advantage that you can control the zooming level remotely both via the DVR or via the Swann app. You’ll be able to zoom into important identifiable details, such as faces & license plates with incredible clarity, or just leave on the optimal zoom level that best suits your needs.

Much longer cable for reaching more distant mounting locations

This camera comes with a 100ft (30m) BNC cable, which is a lot longer than most Swann cameras that ship with 60ft (18m) cables. The longer cable will allow you to mount the camera farther away from the DVR, such as at a gate after a long lawn or at large retail spaces.

Mount it to the wall or ceiling with the included mount

Included in the pack you’ll get a sturdy wall/ceiling mount to position the camera up high and out of reach to capture a broad view of the area you wish to monitor.


PRO-1080PTZ Camera

Video Quality
Day/Night Mode
Color during day / switches to B&W in low light conditions
White Balance
Automatic / Manual / Fixed
Gain Control
Automatic / Manual
Backlight Compensation
5.1 - 51mm
Viewing Angle
7° - 68°
Night Vision
Night Vision Distance
Up to 165ft / 50m
Number of Infra-Red LEDs
Operating Power
DC 24V
Operating Temperature
-4°F ~ 40°F
-20°C ~ 60°C
Body Construction
Aluminum, IP66
Dimensions - Camera (W x H)
8.48” x 5.37” x 7.91”
215.3mm x 136.4mm x 200.8mm
Cable Length
100ft / 30m


What's In the Box

  • PRO-1080PTZ Camera
  • BNC Cable (100ft / 30m)
  • Wall & Ceiling Bracket Mounts
  • Power adapter
  • Mounting Screws & Plugs
  • Operating Instructions
  • Theft Deterrent Stickers

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