ExtraSafe Plans

The Extra Protection You’ve Been Looking For

If you are looking for extra protection from your Smart Security Camera consider an ExtraSafe plan.

Video storage options

Every Smart Security Camera stores footage to local memory for up to 7 days free of charge, and the last 2 days are also saved to Swann’s secure cloud for free.

You can upgrade your video storage per camera at any time by subscribing to an ExtraSafe plan within the SAFE by Swann app for 30 days of secure cloud storage* with 7 days of local recording. To make sure you are absolutely happy, there’s a free 30 day trial to start your subscription, and you have the option to pay monthly or annually. But that’s not all.

Flexible payment terms, premium support

As an ExtraSafe subscriber you get ongoing premium support, including phone, live online chat, community forum and email support, from the date you install your Smart Security Camera and for the life of your subscription.

UK & Europe Local Camera Storage ExtraSafe Plan (Monthly) ExtraSafe Plan (Annual)
  As standard with every camera Ideal when you go on vacation Perfect for round the clock protection
7-Day Local Memory 7-Day 7-Day 7-Day
Cloud Storage 2 Days 30 Days 1 30 Days 1
Premium Support 90 Days Ongoing 2 Ongoing 2
Free 30-Day Trial  
Cancel At Any Time 3    
2 Months Free 4    
Pricing Free £GBP 4.95 / €EUR 5.95
Per Camera
Per Month
£GBP 49.95 / €EUR 59.95
Per Camera
12 Months

1 30 Days rolling cloud storage. Day 31 records over day 1 and so on. ExtraSafe Plan (Monthly) Minimum Term is 30 days; or ExtraSafe Plan (Annual) Minimum Term is 12 months. You pay for the equivalent of 10 months, but receive 12 months (12 x 30 days rolling) cloud storage.

2 Ongoing Premium Support - Enjoy the benefits of Premium Support for the lifetime of your ExtraSafe Plan (Monthly or Annual).

3 If you do decide to cancel your subscription, your subscription remains active until the end of the current billing cycle after which it will become inactive, and no further fees will be charged. Under no circumstances does Swann issue refunds to Customers who cancel their subscription part way through the subscription period.

4 Full terms of use are available here.