Upgrade to the Latest Google Assistant The Google Assistant feature within the HomeSafe View app will stop working on October 23, 2019. All other functionalities within the HomeSafe View will continue to work as normal. To continue using the Google Assistant with your Swann device, please install the Swann Security app. Here’s how:

How to Upgrade

Watch each video to update your app. It's as easy as 1,2,3!
Step 1 of 3:
Upgrading the firmware
For your Swann device to work with the Swann Security app, you first have to upgrade the device’s firmware. See video above.
Step 2 of 3:
Installing the Swann Security app
Once your device’s firmware is upgraded to version 8.x, you can proceed to installing the Swann Security app.
Step 3 of 3:
Link your Swann Security account with Google Assistant
Now you only need to associate your Swann Security app credentials within the Google Home app.

Improved Features

Here are the features you’ll get from the Google Assistant feature within the Swann Security app, that you wouldn’t have had within the HomeSafe View app.
HomeSafe View app
Swann Security app
Auto discover Swann devices
Add Swann devices to rooms and locations on Google Home app
Invoke live view on Chromecast using camera name
Invoke live view on Chromecast using room name
Remotely view cameras on Chromecast
Say “hey Google, show camera name” without creating a voice command shortcut
Specify Chromecast name to cast to, when user has more than 1
No need to say Chromecast name on voice command
Be notified when camera is offline after voice command for that specific camera

Swann Security App

Security in the Palm of your Hands

See live footage from your security cameras, wherever you are.

  • Multi-channel viewing at the same time
  • Play back stored recordings on your mobile device
  • Capture video from cameras’ live view to play back later
  • Capture single and multi still images to save to your device